About Us

The Association for Higher Education Administrators’ Development (AHEAD) helps Northwestern staff (from PA’s to VP’s) network to fulfill their academic, career, personal and social objectives. Additionally, it helps them meet and exceed the challenges they’ll encounter in the pursuit of those goals.

AHEAD is open to all staff members at Northwestern who are interested in learning more about the field of higher education, people hoping to network within the Northwestern community, and those seeking professional development opportunities, either to excel within their current position or to move to a new area within the University.

AHEAD was started in January, 2010 by a small group of volunteer staff members. Since that time membership has grown to over 625 people from across Northwestern’s schools and campuses. The group is sponsored and advised by the Office of Business and Finance.


Steering Committee


Julie Cowan Office for Research
Jennifer Ward Office of Alumni Relations & Development
Shawn Cabinian Accounting Services
Susan Corwith SESP-CTD
Ishrat Fatima Kellogg
Lexy Gore Program in Middle East and North African Studies
Theresa Johnson International Office
Jackie Kalan Northwestern Libraries
Alita Kendrick NUIT
Tanikka Mitchell Office for Sponsored Research
Beth Morrissey Buffett Institute
Kate Schultz School of Communication
Ariel Schwartz Buffett Institute
Hope Wallace Student Affairs-Campus Life
Rebecca Weaver-Gill Kellogg

If you would like to participate in AHEAD@NU as a speaker or to suggest a speaker, 
please e-mail us at ahead@northwestern.edu.